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SCHOOL DAYS – my review

This is a story about a guy named Makoto who admired a girl named Kotonoha. Makoto’s seatmate, Sekai, accidentally found that out and helped him to get her heart in return. But Sekai herself secretly has feelings for Makoto. Then, the story begins…


Makoto Ito

At the beginning of the story, I thought he was just the same ‘ol ordinary guy who falls-in-love-with-a-girl-and-will-do-and-think-perverted-stuffs-and-then-the-girl-would-dump-him. But as the story progresses, he isn’t as simple as what I orginally thought of. He is selfish and very self-centered – what I mean is, he just do things for the sake of his happiness regardless of what others might think. I really got irritated with him. He is the worst male protagonist I ever know.

Kotonoha Katsura

She is the girl who Makoto first fell in love with. And unexpectedly, she also has admiration on him before anything else. At the first part of the story, she is very conservative and is not used to doing things that a boy-girl do. I think she is the victim in the story. She always thinks that she and Makoto are “boyfriends” although Makoto didn’t like at all as he used to. She always think like that ’til the end.

Sekai Saionji

She is voluteered to help Makoto get the girl he admires. But she herself has secret feelings for Makoto. She offered him a Secret Training in which Makoto will use her (and her body) to practice for the real thing with Kotonoha. She makes decision without thinking what other might feel. She just thinks of things for herself.

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Overall: 9.25/10

*because I really got irritated with Makoto’s and Sekai’s personality and I felt pity for Kotonoha being the victim of the forbidden relationships*



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