Posted by: Arachnicus | January 14, 2009

Filler Post #2

I just love Nyanko-sensei. *This has nothing to do with this post though*

I just love Nyanko-sensei. *This has nothing to do with this post though*

Ha ha ha. I’m actually counting my filler post. What’s up with me. I think I’m getting crazier everyday. Honest.

Midterms are coming next week and I’m not in the mood to study. I’m only in the mood to watch and finish the episodes that I missed. If you will look at my MAL, you will see that there are many things on my ‘Currently Watching’ list. I’m not dropping them. It’s just that I don’t have that much time. I only get to watch 3 episodes a day, at most.

Another thing. Crunchyroll. I think everyone knows what happened to good ol’ CR. All of the old videos were removed. And most of the series there are not available to be watched in the Philippines. WTF, Shinji, WTF? At least he should have moved it to any other site. So now I have to download everything… and I’m not sure if I could ever find the ones I’m looking for. GO HORRIBLESUBS! KEEP RIPPING OFF FROM CR! LET’S DO THIS TO TELL SHINJI HOW MUCH HE DISAPPOINTED MOST OF US!

I hate Biology! I think everyone does. Expecially the classifying stuffs. Why do we have to memorize all the classification of the living creatures? It’s not like there are only few of them! And why do we have to know all their physical gifts? Can we make use of that knowledge for the better of our lives? NOT!

About Chemistry, well, I should not criticize it. For I will be taking Chemistry and lots of Chemistry throughout my college years. Wish me luck!

Ok ok. That’s it for now. He he he.



  1. Still only at ep5 of season 1… can’t wait to get to season 2.

  2. @ Legionarion Conquistadorz – are you talking about Natsume Yuujinchou? Go go, finish it up. He he. It’s cool… and sets up a relaxing mood. 🙂

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