Posted by: Arachnicus | January 20, 2009

Ready to go! Systematic People!



If you’re not looking for a weird anime to watch, then I’m not recommending you Kurozuka. If you’re a fan of blood and gore, it’s worth a try. The story is not that shallow and the turn of events is very confusing.  But for me, the finale of this series is satisfying enough to conclude the tale.

Kurozuka is labeled as Romance, Horror, Supernatural, Historical and Drama. I believe that the 13 episodes are enough to narrate the tale of adventure of the main guy.

In the middle of a fight, or a war, Kuro meets a beautiful lady in a hut on the mountain. Eventually, he fell in love with her, and uncovered the dark secret she was concealing. Before they get separated, immortality was shared to him with love, and he continued to live for thousand of years. Will he ever find his lover again? And will he ever learn why things came to this.


Tell me I’m weird, I don’t care. I just like this series… the romance, the adventure, the everything…

Another thing. The OP sucks! The vocals keeps on screaming senseless “READY TO GO! SYSTEMATIC PEOPLE!”.. What the f*** is that? The series is bloody, I know, but they should have chosen a better ‘heavy’ song, and not just screaming the very same words over and over.

The ED is another thing. I love it. The woman’s voice of uncertainty and love, the lyrics, and the background pictures… everything works perfectly.

I’m giving this the series a whooping 8.7/10.



  1. the OP is great, you couldn’t be more wrong >:|

  2. Kurozuka’s an ok series to me though yeah, it sure is unique. Liked the bullet-time sequence during fights though. 😀

    lol the music. reminds me of Death Note OP2 — heck the whole vibe of the series was like the later part of Death Note.

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