Posted by: Arachnicus | January 21, 2009

Nagisa is so bold. She’s definitely my type.

CLANNAD ~After Stpry~ - 14

CLANNAD ~After Story~ - 14

OMG. I can’t believe Nagisa. I can’t believe myself too. She’s definitely definitely my type. But that fact doesn’t hinder my hidden feelings for Sanae-san. I love her compassionate personality. I’m taking them home!

I’m not really posting episodically about Clannad. It just so happened that I totally love this episode. Everything about it! Everything!

If you haven’t seen this episode, I pity you! This episode alone is a hundred times better than some crappy series out there! Ha ha.

My Stupid Summary: In this episode, you will see the bonding of father-and-son-in-law. Actually we can call it “stupid bonding.” Also, Nagisa will be finding a job… guess what?… she’s going to be a waitress. Oops. And at the end of the episode, you will experience the boldness-slash-moeness of Nagisa. I actually died there, but y’know, stupid bastard spirits don’t die that easily that’s why I lived. XD

My advice to those who will watch this episode is to ready to Laugh out loud, and to die, and to laugh again… and to be shocked too.

Isn't she so cute. And oh, she's mine! Mine alone! Nagisa and me! Wahaha.

Isn't she so cute. And oh, she's mine! Mine alone! Nagisa and me! Wahaha.

I wish this series would not end up like in the Clannad Movie, if you know what I mean. I wish, I wish. Oh, I don’t know if I should be excited for the next episode or not.

I will rate this episode – this episode alone – a whooping 15/10.



  1. It’s already decided that you will love married women. It can’t be helped. *pats Ara on the back* There there…

  2. @ Rakuen-sama – I think I’m into older women. XD Cute older women, I guess.

  3. it is stella-san..
    iI think she’s cute woman too..

  4. haha yeah that episode was priceless. I doubt I’ll ever find a more “pure” scene with regards to that subject in anime.

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