Posted by: Arachnicus | January 23, 2009

Yoichi’s Paradise!! :D

Asu no Yoichi

Asu no Yoichi

Asu no Yoichi is not really on my to-watch list because I’m tired of watching childish-ecchi type of anime. But then, one time when I was checking the website of Chihiro for new episodes of Akikan, they mentioned there the vast popularity of this Ecchi series. So that caught my attention and told myself, “I’m checking this out.”

Yoichi is a samurai from the mountain whose specialty is Divine-Wind-Technique-La-la-la but he is already too strong, so his father told him to go to the civilization to meet different people and strengthen not his sword but his heart. He is directed to the Ikaruga family which have an old relationship with the Karasuma Clan, the clan where Yoichi belongs. Ikaruga is a family of four cute sisters, one 10-year old(pedophile alert!) and three high-school aged girls.

Yoichi, who does not know everything about the city, wandered around and got lost finding the Ikaruga sisters. Can you imagine what will happen when an innocent samurai loathing around the busy city? That’s what you will get on the pilot episode of the series. What would happen to Yoichi? Will he succeed in his desire to strengthen his soul? What would happen to him in the paradise dojo he is living? That’s what we’re to find out watching the next episodes.

For me, this is just an ordinary series. I do hope it get better and better.



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