Posted by: Arachnicus | April 9, 2009

Anime no more?

Am I tired of anime?

Am I tired of anime?

This site is so out of date. I was so busy with my schoolwork  and my back pain-causing job. Actually, last season, all the series that I started fell into a standstill. I stopped downloading new episodes… except Clannad ~After Story~ which I cannot survive without.

Am I tired of anime? Have I outgrown my obsession?

In the last few weeks, I started watching an American series and I got addicted to it. Why? The elements of romance, comedy and sci-fi, all of them I found in it. I can’t stop watching. I keep stretching my time just to watch a 40-minute episode of the series. Hmm.. Am I trading anime for a more mature form of entertainment? I’m not sure.

From next week onwards, I’m expecting lots of free time. So I’m doing this experiment: I’ll drop all the anime series that I’m not really interested in. When I say ‘anime series that I’m not really interested in,’ it means that I only watch this anime because of its popularity, with not much interest. So, I’m going to drop those and limit the anime series to those that I think I will really like. Then, I’m going to push the American series to my schedule and see and clear things up.

So, that’s it… I should catch up on Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou now…



  1. Watch K-ON! or Fullmetal Alchemist 2. That’s gonna shake you off your melancholy. Get a hold of yourself. Decent anime bloggers are still rare commodities.

  2. @ Rakuen – yeah sure… I’m currently marathon-ing the original FMA series… My real problem here is my sluggish internet connection and lack of HD memory… It sucks!

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