Posted by: Arachnicus | May 10, 2009

NODAME on Philippine TV

Nodame Cantabile Live Action Series

Nodame Cantabile Live Action Series

Wohoo! The Live Action adaptation of my favorite anime series (and manga) is on TV!

The moment I heard about this news, I told myself that I’m gonna watch it. I heard from anime (and J-drama) fans that this is an excellent adaptation of the manga. The actors and actresses didn’t fail to bring the comedic atmosphere that brings the series to life.

The J-drama is composed of 11 episodes of 40minutes of laughter and tears (of joy). But, one Philippine TV, I noticed that 1 episode takes 3 days to finish. That is so “bitin”. So I decided to watch it online. As a matter of fact, this is my first J-drama.

Ok. That’s it. I’m too lazy to make a normal post. ~GYaBOo



  1. You’re too abnormal to make a normal post– Far from normal.

    They really keep the 30 mins. thing when they air stuff here in the Philippines. But in that 30 mins., there’s like 15 minutes of commercials. It’s awful.

  2. Yeah, they suck. And their dubbing sucks, too…

  3. Your site will suck too if you don’t post soon.

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