Posted by: Arachnicus | June 2, 2009

A Diary with Tears

“This isn’t something special. It’s just the record of a girl who was chosen by this strange disease.”

Woah. This J-drama is a tough one. I find it sad and touching…

The series is about a girl, Aya, who is struggling to fight her incurable disease. Day by day, the situation gets worse. And everyday, more and more people gets hurt.

I took some time to think about it. What if the same incurable disease chose me? Will I be able to be strong and be optimistic just like her. Will I be able to do anything meaningful to the people around me?

La la la… Ok. Just watch the series if you think your life is something worthless. This may change the way you think about things. One tip: Feel the story!




  1. Seems you already died.


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