About Me

efI really don’t know how to write in ‘About Me’ section so I honestly don’t know where to start. Well, I just don’t think I can say much about myself.

I am known as Arachnicus on most of the sites I sign up in. It’s originally King Arachnicus IX. If you know me personally you may call me Edward. Going on, I’m 17 years old, currently studying at the University of the Philippines Diliman, taking up BS Mining Engineering.

There are three things that I’m mostly interested in: Anime(and Manga), Music and Books(Novels). That summarizes everything.

Anime. If this is a college thing, my course would sound like Bachelor in Anime-watching and Manga-reading, Major in Romance and Minor in Mystery. You got it right. I really love romances in anime. It makes my heart beat faster than it should. I will not be surprised if one day I get a heart attack… but of course, I will not blame Anime for that. I don’t want everyone to hear in the news: An old kid died of heart attack while watching Anime. It will sound really weird and the reputation of the producers will be stained. I don’t want that to happen. Mystery is another thing. I really love the dark atmosphere on anime. I want to mention Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. The atmosphere is really dark and the characters are soO creepy.

Music. Ever since I started liking music, my favorite genre is Pop Punk, Punk and Alternative. I really don’t know the reason. Well, maybe the lyrics, emotion and the energy of the song molds my mind in a better shape. I really treasure Ballads. The slow soothing sound, with spices of guitars, and wonderful lyrics is soO beautiful, don’t you think so?

Books. This is another story. I only read books when I feel like it. But sometimes, the time when I feel like it is very demanding that I can’t stop reading. Sometimes, I would consider every medium just to read something that I want. My favorite genre are Mystery, Supernatural, and sometimes, Romance.

I really really REALLY despise hate spoilers. They ruin everything. Sometimes, even the book or the anime is really good, I tend to stop reading or watching it – the reason: spoiler. I will never enjoy the turn of event. It’s like the food itself. You want to eat it, savor every spices and let your tongue enjoy the texture… and spoilers, they spoil the food. You can’t eat it anymore, well, you can but you will not enjoy it.

I love strawberry ice cream and I love cakes. Ha ha.

If you have questions, or if there’s something you want to tell me, exchange links or anything, just email me at spitefulpunker@yahoo.com, and if I failed to answer it after 2-3 days, then leave a comment here. My email is full of unwanted mails and spams, y’know.

Thank you very much. ^^



  1. As long as you post continuously, your ‘about me’ won’t be “fly bait”.

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